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I love working ON


 I work on everything from initial concept development right through to final approval, including creating innovative designs, overseeing photo shoots, and collaborating closely with other creatives and Marketing departments.

Skill Sets_Agencies_R4.jpg

My skill set is both established and continuously evolving. It grows and shifts with every new, exciting and challenging project I encounter. Throughout my years in the industry, I have been called not only a designer and retail specialist, but also a seeker of beauty, a go-getter, a straight shooter, a defeater of deadlines, a booster of morale, a late-night coffee lover and, on occasion, a magician.


The graph below outlines my Omni Channel Digital marketing skill set. 

Skill Sets_Digital.jpg

My list of skills includes:

  • Brand audit

  • Visual identity design

  • Visual language development

  • Advertising

  • Wayfinding and signage

  • Digital content development

  • Website design

  • Cross-platform content creation

  • Social media

  • Video and motion graphics

  • Digital marketing

  • Cross-platform marketing campaigns

  • Event and exhibit branding and collateral

  • Creative direction and design

  • Packaging design

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