Andrea Hull. A retail designer and art director with an eye for an unusual, a love for the beautiful and a flair for the exceptional. Combined with her vast experience and precision expertise in both design and retail, Andrea offers unparalleled integrated design services.



St. Joseph Communications

FORTUNE Favours The Bold.

Dear the team at St. Joseph,


My name is Andrea Hull and I am an Integrated Retail Designer & Art Director with over 10 years’ experience in the South African advertising industry (more on my time in South Africa is provided below). I was delighted to read about the senior art director position you have available at St. Joseph, as it seamlessly combines my passions for creating high-quality advertising campaigns, building brands and fuelling the careers of my junior colleagues. 
In my years in the industry, I have been both a part of in-house marketing teams and have worked on a consultancy basis for advertising agencies that range from the large and multinational to the small and boutique. High-profile advertising agencies such as Wunderman, TBWA, M&C Saatchi Abel and Ogilvy, all of which have an international footprint and an array of world-renowned clients, have been recent clients.

My experience at these large agencies afforded me the opportunity to learn and grow exponentially, both professionally and personally. I enjoyed being part of an established machine that permitted me the space to explore and expand the value I contribute while working with colleagues and clients of the highest calibre. The experience was an exercise in humility. (not sure about this sentence. Suggest delete unless you feel absolutely necessary). I found that working for organisations that have a clear identity and are proud of what they do creates a sense of community that is both exciting and grounding.
My professional experience ranges from ideating creative concepts and developing innovative designs, to coordinating photo shoots, working closely with other departments and overseeing the entire creative process. I thrive in fast-pace, deadline-driven working environments that require quick, effective and on-point turnarounds, and relish the opportunity to work on multiple projects at once. I enjoy projects that challenge and stimulate me. Working as a team with people with different skill sets, in which we all come together to create successful campaigns and consistent, engaging brand experiences, offers me exactly the kind of stimulation I take delight in. In every aspect of my work, I seek to drive meaningful engagement through beautiful art direction to improve brand loyalty.
Living and working in South Africa was a powerful experience, and one that taught me valuable, lifelong lessons. The very nature of South African society – socially, economically and politically – demands a particular sort of professional creativity and ingenuity, one that I ardently put into practice during my time there. South Africa taught me to be solutions orientated and resilient, to work hard, to be open minded, to venture beyond my perceived comfort zone, and to relish in the diversity afforded by working with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. I believe these perspectives are both unique and adaptable – I carry them with me wherever I go. 


Projects below are akin to St. Joseph Communications existing client base. 


Comparable to The Brick Mattress Store

Bradlows has been supplying South Africans with affordable and quality furniture for well over 100 years. I was commissioned by TBWA/OpenCo to refresh Bradlows’ branding and was solely responsible for setting up and managing the brand’s largest photo shoot to date.
This project helped to revive what was a rather worn design and to create a fresh photographic look-and-feel that could be used on any marketing material. The result was modern, functional and elegant. The exceptional work completed on Bradlows meant that I was then commissioned to work on Dutch multinational retail chain Spar, one of the largest food retail stores in South Africa and Africa. 


 ANDREA X Edgars

Comparable to Joe Fresh

MC Saatchi & Abel is one of the top agencies in South Africa. My position was second in command to the Creative Director. Majority of the work for Edgars was digitally based, built & designed website pages, social posts & eblasts. 

 ANDREA X pick n pay

Comparable to E.D.SMITH

Pick ’n Pay is South Africa’s second biggest supermarket chain and a much-loved household brand. I have worked extensively on this family-friendly store’s day-to-day requirements, including the look and feel of its lifestyle magazine, fresh food range leaflets, POS and digital content. I also guided an intensive redesign and photographic process.


This work was run through King James, one of South Africa’s leading advertising agencies. In my day-to-day work on the project, I not only ensured brand consistency and design quality between all the elements we produced, but also bridged the gap between King James’ studios in Cape Town and Johannesburg. After all, creativity is all about cohesion. 

 ANDREA X wellington

Comparable to Amsterdam Brewery, Grey Goose

 ANDREA X Sky Vodka

Comparable to Amsterdam Brewery, Grey Goose

Sky Vodka, a premium vodka brand, annually sponsors the South African Fashion week. The brief was to create a cocktail menu. I created an alluring fan, an iconic fashionista item. The fan displayed the beautifully crafted cocktail menu while proving a novelty entertaining item at the cocktail tables.

If you would like to learn more about me, you are welcome to take a look at the portfolio available on my website, and to read through my specific skills and my detailed client references.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you require any additional information. 

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