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Fortune favours the bold

Retail-Focused Graphic Designer/Art Director with 8+ years international experience in omnichannel marketing. Seeking opportunities to deepen my commitment and enthusiasm for the retail at St Joseph.

Here are the reasons why I believe I am well-suited to work at St. Joseph.

Food Glorious Food


Agency experience


I have acquired extensive exposure to a diverse range of work settings, encompassing both large-scale and smaller boutique agencies, in-house roles and freelance engagements. This varied experience has shaped my conviction that a thriving larger agency boasting a substantial retail client base best suits my growth objectives and potential. 

PetValuE / bella 

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Owning a dog brings such joy into my life. There's nothing more gratifying than taking my dog for walks and continually expanding my knowledge about these remarkable animals. My frequent visits to pet stores reflect my deep passion, and I would eagerly embrace the chance to work on an account related to pets.



Skills and Qualifications

5+ Years of Senior-Level Graphic Design Experience
BA Graphic Design
Proven Expertise in Multi-Media Applications for Omni-Channel Campaigns
Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite and Motion Graphics
Exceptional Typographic, Layout, and Prototyping Skills
Art Direction for Photoshoots
Strong Presentation and Communication Skills
Excellent Organizational, Time Management, and Interpersonal Skills

ackermans (SA)


I contributed to Ackermans, a prominent clothing retail chain with 700+ stores across multiple African countries, during a significant rebranding initiative. My involvement centered on shaping a fresh, contemporary aesthetic aligned with the brand's strategy and customer base. The concepts I conceived, presented, refined, and oversaw garnered high acclaim for their quality and execution.

At the integrated advertising agency 99c, I gained invaluable experience in the retail sector, swiftly advancing from mid-level to senior art director. Within this role, I efficiently delivered numerous top-tier omnichannel marketing materials within specified deadlines.

Sequence 01.gif

unique skill set

To produce world-class creativity from brief to upload I have gained the below specific expertise to achieve my clients marketing objectives.

ICON 1 – 1.png
ICON 2 – 1.png
ICON 3 – 1.png
ICON 4 – 1.png

thank you for your time

I am eager to bring my experience, creativity, and collaborative spirit to the creative team at St Joesph. I am committed to driving excellence in every project and contributing to the company's vision of innovation and curiosity.

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