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Andrea Hull. A retail designer and art director with an eye for an unusual, a love for the beautiful and a flair for the exceptional. Combined with her vast experience and precision expertise in both design and retail, Andrea offers unparalleled integrated design services.





FORTUNE Favours The Bold.

Dear Sporting Life, 
My name is Andrea and I am Integrated Retail Designer and Art Director with 10 years experience in retail advertising in South Africa. I have recently relocated to Toronto and am a Canadian Citizen. I am highly motivated, dynamic and passionate about building brands, specialising in Retail. 
Why retail? From conceptualising campaign ideas to shooting products & designing layouts, I thrive on being challenged in more ways than one. I enjoy working with people with different skill sets, working together to create a successful Omni channel campaign and a consistent, engaging brand experience.
My skills have been borne out of my work for some of South Africa’s largest retailers, including Ackermans, Pick ’n Pay, Jet, whose products I have reworked, rebranded and repositioned. I also worked for one of the country’s largest health clubs, Virgin Active, strategising and designing its marketing campaigns, and strengthening its brand identity. Almost all of the projects I’ve worked on have had a strong digital component and have included website and email marketing, online display banner ads and branded social media content that fits the campaign concept and overall business strategy.
Wellness and fashion are some of the areas to which I have turned my attention over the years, all of which feed the skills I am able to offer Sporting Life. As my résumé indicates, I have extensive concept creation, digital and print design, and photography experience. My last four years of self-employment have refined my adaptability to work well in any team and my strong collaborative attitude. I can be relied upon to deliver to brief and on deadline. 
Working at Sporting Life will give me the opportunity not only to exercise my design and art direction skill set but gives me the opportunity to work with an invigorating, fun team with a like-minded approach to life. My passion for health and wellness is deep rooted. My mother is a nutritionist and I grew up valuing the importance of healthy living and understanding the need to respect our bodies and the natural world around us. I practice yoga and meditation daily, finding that they help me to feel grounded and to live a balanced life full of gratitude. 
I believe all of the above have enabled me to successfully navigate a wide range of retail divisions’ fashion, décor, food, beverage, cellular and finance. However my favourite and where I have had the most experience is in fashion. 


A popular clothing retail store, Ackermans has over 700 outlets. I was part of the team responsible for a major rebranding of this large chain, creating a new, modern look and feel in line with the brand’s strategic direction and target market. 

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Joe Public is one of the top agencies in South Africa. My position was second in command to the Creative Director. Working hand in hand we establish Jet as a new fresh, modern fashion-oriented family brand.


 ANDREA X virgin active

Virgin Active is South Africa’s largest health clubs chain. I produced marketing material and explored new concepts for national campaigns, working closely with copywriters and the marketing manager.

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2fan layout.jpg

 ANDREA X hang 10

Guided by the Creative Director I created a new and contemporary urban brand identity for Hang 10. We created monthly retail campaigns, mainly point-of-sale and print.