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Fortune favours the bold

hi, i'm Andrea

Experienced Graphic Designer/Art Director specializing in retail, with a global background in omnichannel marketing. 

Here are the reasons why I believe I am well-suited to work at Roots.

brand building content examples


agency experience


I have acquired extensive exposure to a diverse range of work settings, encompassing both large-scale and smaller boutique agencies, in-house roles and freelance engagements. This varied experience has shaped my conviction that a thriving larger agency boasting a substantial retail client base best suits my growth objectives and potential. 

unique skill set

To generate world-class creativity from brief to upload, I have acquired the specific expertise listed below to accomplish my clients' marketing objectives.

ICON 1 – 1.png
ICON 2 – 1.png
ICON 3 – 1.png
ICON 4 – 1.png
Sequence 01.gif

thank you for your time

I am eager to bring my experience, creativity, and collaborative spirit to the creative team at Mackie Biernacki. I am committed to driving excellence in every project and contributing to the company's vision of innovation and curiosity.

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