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Short Career Break: Oct 2023 - Dec 2023: 3 mos
During my career break, I focused on personal rejuvenation, engaging in a passion project with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada. I prioritized my mental health and well-being, developing a consistent meditation practice. Additionally, I pursued further education to expand my skill set in AI.
LCBO Toronto Digital Designer Full Time Contract Mar 2021 - Sep 2023 2 yrs 7 mos    
As the design lead for LCBO’s website, I was accountable for steering the site’s creative direction. I engaged in extensive collaboration with numerous marketing teams and diverse departments across LCBO. Furthermore, I provided daily creative direction to external production teams tasked with meeting the site’s production demands.
• Originated Designs assets for LCBO’s digital platforms including web, mobile, in-store screens, and touch points, as well as for emails. Additionally, frequently produced alternative versions of campaigns for in-store print materials and external advertising purposes.
• Translate creative briefs and wireframes into captivating visuals aligned with the brand, fortified by insights derived from data analysis.
• Provided assistance in the development of processes and project management.
• Assess and recommend appropriate visual design solutions, layouts, photographs, and illustrations.
• Coordinate photographers, stylists, illustrators, and typographers to attain intended artistic results.
• Contribute to the planning and pre-production stages of digital photoshoots.
• Develop creative concepts, mock-ups, and presentations while adhering to AODA guidelines.
• Produce motion graphics or animated video designs and supervise the production workflow.
• As the lead designer, spearheaded the creation of the Winter 2022/3 campaign, implemented province-wide, and utilized across all print and digital platforms throughout the LCBO network.
• Skillfully managed the migration of the entire website to the Magento e-commerce platform, collaborating with external vendors from Accenture and coordinating efforts among various LCBO departments, from IT to director-level stakeholders, meeting a demanding deadline. 
• Implemented A/B Testing and Data Analytics consistently within our monthly campaigns, resulting in a notable decrease in the bounce rate to approximately 30%.
• Ideated the design direction for the Winter 2022/3 campaign in the capacity of lead designer. Utilized in a province-wide implementation, integrated across all print and digital platforms within the LCBO.
Canadian Tire Toronto Digital Designer Full Time Contract Jan 2020  - Jan 2021 1 yr  
• Set the design direction for significant retail marketing initiatives throughout the year.
• Defined and implemented the run-of-site guidelines for production artists.
• Effectively managing the creative aspects of a diverse array of digital marketing campaigns across web, mobile, email, and social media platforms.
• Collaborated closely with the ​Canadian Tire Creative Department’s team members, such as Copywriters, Art Directors, and the Creative Director, to generate ideas and conceptualize various marketing materials.
• Achieved an impressive average click-through rate (CTR) of approximately 7%, demonstrating strong performance in engagement metrics.
• Providing mentorship to graphic designers on various projects while maintaining a keen oversight of all ongoing design assets to ensure a strong and consistent design approach.
Immigration: Jul 2019 - Sep 2019 6 mos                                
I dedicated my efforts to the immigration process, transitioning from South Africa to Canada.
(Ngen Toronto Digital Designer Short Freelance Contract Oct 2019 - Dec 2019 3 mos)    
Ogilvy Cape Town Creative Director Freelance Contract Dec 2018 - Jun 2019 6 mos            
Retail accounts collaborated with: Pep (clothing, all ages) 
• Consistently spearheaded the development of innovative retail concepts, designs, and campaigns throughout the year for various print and digital materials, such as websites, social media content, brochures, logos, and other collateral.
• Guaranteed seamless execution from ideation to campaign completion
• Managed and mentored a team of 4-6 designers, copy writers and art directors.
• Providing constructive feedback and guidance to designers as the design progresses, actively engaging in refining and enhancing the work when necessary.
• Proficiently managed design revisions according to client feedback and project specifications. Skilled in organizational abilities, successfully overseeing multiple projects and consistently meeting deadlines.
King James Advertising Agency Cape Town & Johannesburg Associate Creative Director Full Time Contract Dec 2016  - Nov 2018 1 yr 11 mos            
Retail accounts collaborated with: 1st for Women (insurance), iStore (tech) & Pick ’n Pay (supermarket group)
• Conceptualized brand retail campaigns and strategic initiatives.
• Conducted client briefings, led strategic planning, and steered conceptual brainstorming sessions through to campaign execution.
• Overhauled the visual identity of Pick ’n Pay (supermarket group).
• Managed the photography direction specifically for the Pick ’n Pay’s Food & Fresh Range.
• Managed and supervised the creative output of a team comprising 5-6 designers and art directors.
• Consistently demonstrated a steadfast dedication to delivering high-quality work, ensuring meticulous attention to detail across every project.
• I was offered the permanent position of Creative Director for the Pick ’n Pay account but unfortunately had to decline as I needed to be based in Johannesburg. 
TBWA/Open Co Advertising Agency Johannesburg Snr Graphic Designer / Art Director Full Time Contract Mar 2016 - Nov 2016 8 mos              
Retail accounts collaborated with: Standard Bank, Bradlows (furniture), MTN (telecoms), Spar (supermarket group)
• Established and maintained a cohesive and engaging visual brand experience across various marketing channels, encompassing social media, digital platforms, websites, print materials, events, signage, photo and video assets, packaging.
• Kept abreast of marketing trends across various competitive mediums, technology advancements, and best practices to actively monitor and enhance brands as needed.
• Collaborated with internal and external cross-functional teams to oversee daily creative requirements while aligning with corporate priorities.
• Enhanced the internal creative processes within the agency
• Redesigned Spar’s catalogues nationwide.
• Revitalized the Bradlows branding by introducing a new typography execution, color palette, lock-up, and photography direction.
Joe Public Advertising Agency Johannesburg Associated Creative Director Jan 2015 - Feb 2016  Full Time Contract 1 yr 1 mo
Retail account we collaborated with: Jet (clothing, all ages) 
• Led the art direction for a variety of print and digital campaigns, guiding them from ideation through to execution.
• In addition to conceptualizing and delivering strategic creative and business objectives, I lead and inspire the team demonstrating that it’s possible to deliver an unforgettable and enduring brand experience across multiple product lines, touch points, and diverse client needs.
• Experienced in planning, budgeting, and coordinating photo shoots, video shoots, and optimizing various assets for multiple channels and aspect ratios.
• Effectively managed and directed daily creative and production executions to amplify audience engagement and bolster brand awareness, emphasizing strict adherence to deadlines, creative direction, and business objectives.
• Repositioned Jet as a contemporary, fashion-focused family brand
• During that financial year, we experienced a robust 10.7% increase in ROI attributable to the agency’s marketing initiatives.
Internal Immigration December 2014 Cape Town - Johannesburg                                
Due to my husband’s professional commitments, we relocated, which posed a challenge as most of South Africa’s retail accounts were managed in Cape Town. Consequently, I opted for a freelance work solution to effectively manage this situation.
Markham, TFG Group Cape Town Creative Design Manger Aug 2013 - Dec 2014 Permanent Position Full Time 1 yr 5 mos
(The premier standalone men’s fashion retail chain in Southern Africa, boasting over 325 stores strategically located in major shopping centres and towns.)
• As the Creative Design Manager, I led the strategic development of the brand’s voice and creative content. I was entrusted with the pivotal role of overseeing and providing effective leadership to the internal Creative Team of four designers and art directors.
• Engaged in close collaboration with the visual merchandise and buying department, actively participating in buying sessions and collection development, fostering a deep understanding of the dynamics within the retail business. 
• Our modest department diligently managed the nationwide production rollout of monthly marketing campaigns, ensuring uniformity and successful execution across 325 stores. This involved overseeing the production of in-store materials like window posters, shelf talkers, and aisle posters, along • with diverse external advertising and various magazine publications.
Accountable for overseeing and managing the budgets allocated to all creative aspects and nationwide production rollout of monthly marketing campaigns.
• Crafted experiential marketing strategies and orchestrated in-store branding events aimed at amplifying brand awareness and engaging consumer interest.
• Ideated and executed fashion campaigns, considerably raising the standard of creative work
• Managed and directed the launch of the company’s inaugural interactive digital campaign, resulting in a 32% increase in sales within four weeks.
• The Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for our monthly campaigns in 2014 increased to a ratio of 5:1.
99c Advertising Agency Cape Town Senior Art Director Permanent Position Full Time Feb 2011 - Jul 2013  2 yrs 5 mos                        
Retail accounts collaborated with: Ackermans (clothing, all ages), Shoe City (clothing, all ages), Jay Jays (clothing) and Checkers (supermarket group)
• Developed campaign creative comprising of original graphics, diverse in-store marketing materials, and content for websites and social media platforms.
• Ensured brand uniformity across all our marketing initiatives.
• Maintained a strong grasp and awareness of prevailing visual and cultural trends.
• Significantly revitalized the branding for Ackermans.
• Participated in the collaborative effort to conceptualize and establish the new branding strategy for Shoe City.
• Revamped and modernized the photography direction for the Checkers’ catalogues.
 BBDO Cape Town Junior - Middle Weight Art Director Permanent Position Full Time  Feb 2008 - Jan 2011 2 yrs 11 mos                
Retail accounts collaborated with: Ackermans (clothing, all ages) and Parmalat (FMCG Dairy product)    
• Designed seasonal retail campaigns for in-store collateral, encompassing websites and social media platforms.
• By conducting thorough research and analysis on industry trends, I ensured a consistent update of knowledge on emerging technologies and innovative creative techniques relevant to digital and print media.
• Oversaw digital content production and post-production across various projects, specializing in offering direction for photo retouching.                
Hippocampus Design Studio Cape Town     Graphic Designer Permanent Position Full Time Jul 2006 - Feb 2008 1 yr 7 mos    
Virgin Active Cape Town Junior Art Director Permanent Position Full Time May 2003  - Jun 2006 3 yrs 1 mos                                                                                    

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