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The Corona curve ball

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

We live in a far-reaching, product driven world. We are enticed to look, gaze with longing, admire, buy and then revel in our purchases. We are like human magpies hanging around just waiting for that next sparkle.

It seems negative and narcissistic and, after all, that amazing feeling is only temporally. But oh how much we love it.

During the Corona curve ball our needs to shop have grown. And so in conjunction has our online shopping addiction. Those boxes wheeled into your foyer turn your stomach either with guilt or pleasure or the combination of both..... the best of all best ‘a guilty pleasure’.

Online shopping delivers a different experience. There is no ‘hunting’, no pacing up and down the mall, no walking out with the bag. You haven’t spent your afternoon touching and admiring beautiful things and connecting with other humans. It was a mission to go to the mall but it was such fun. You don’t get that from a click.

So yes, I do believe there is place for shops or, as the professionals put it, ‘bricks and mortar'. 

So many great moments are captured in the mall. A bride choosing her wedding jewellery. An expectant mum getting the last few things. An old man finding the book he has been hunting for. The young giddy couple picking out a new washing machine. The kid trying his fist double chocolate brownie. The moody teenager squawking that ‘everyone has one!’ These are life’s moments.

Maybe in a world where we have been so separated, malls are exactly what we need.

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