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I am thrilled to submit my application for the Senior Graphic Designer role at Lululemon. With over 8+ years of extensive experience in graphic design across various industries, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my skills to a company dedicated to innovation, wellness, and community.

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Skills and Qualifications

5+ Years of Senior-Level Graphic Design Experience

BA/BFA Arts/Fine Arts

Proven Expertise in Multi-Media Applications for Omni-Channel Campaigns

Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite and Motion Graphics

Exceptional Typographic, Layout, and Prototyping Skills

Art Direction for Photoshoots and 3D/Environmental Design

Strong Presentation and Communication Skills

Excellent Organizational, Time Management, and Interpersonal Skills

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Why Lululemon?

I am genuinely drawn to Lululemon's commitment to innovation, wellness, and fostering a positive impact in every community. The opportunity to be part of a team responsible for Gifting campaigns aligns perfectly with my passion for creating consumer-centric, elevated brand stories.
 Core Values Alignment
The core values of personal responsibility, entrepreneurial spirit, kindness in communication, courage in leadership, prioritizing connections, and integrating fun resonate deeply with my work ethic and beliefs.
Workplace Arrangement and Immigration Support
I am enthusiastic about the hybrid workplace policy, balancing in-person collaboration with remote work. I am more than willing to dedicate at least 3 days per week onsite to ensure effective team collaboration and project success.

unique skill set

To produce world-class creativity from brief to upload I have gained the below specific expertise to achieve my clients marketing objectives.

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Thank you for considering my application. I am eager to bring my extensive experience, creativity, and collaborative spirit to the dynamic creative team at Lululemon. I am committed to driving excellence in every project and contributing to the company's vision of creating a healthier, thriving future.

Looking forward to the possibility of contributing my skills to the esteemed team at Lululemon!

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