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Andrea Hull. A retail designer and art director with an eye for an unusual, a love for the beautiful and a flair for the exceptional. Combined with her vast experience and precision expertise in both design and retail, Andrea offers unparalleled integrated design services.

Client: Fairgate
Agency: Ngen
Services: ideation, identity Design & digital

Design objective: Redesign Fairgate’s branding, including reworking and refreshing the brand’s website.


Challenge solved: Created a new brand identity that was unique to Fairgate and the Commercial Development industry without alienating its existing customer base. 


Exact roles and responsibilities: Supporting and understanding the vision of the client. Using their guidance and feedback to creative a new identity and marketing material that was on brief and in line with their vision. 

Fairgate_webpage layout .jpg
Fairgate_webpage layout 2.jpg

While working as a contractor for Ngen, a Toronto based advertising agency, I worked on design for Fairgate Homes. They’ve been up and running for four decades and needed a reboot - a modern look-and-feel. They understood the importance of innovation and what it means to stay ahead of the curve, from a design perspective. I redesigned their logo and reworked their brand identity. I also designed the look-and-feel of their new website.

Fairgate_CI Layout for web.jpg
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