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Andrea Hull. A retail designer and art director with an eye for an unusual, a love for the beautiful and a flair for the exceptional. Combined with her vast experience and precision expertise in both design and retail, Andrea offers unparalleled integrated design services.

Client: istore
Agency: king James
Services: ideation & Art Direction 

Design objective: Create an exciting, unique campaign that showed off the Beats headphones. 


Challenge solved: Worked under tight constraints – limited budget and time. 


Exact roles and responsibilities: Working with other creatives on the project and reporting to the ECD. Making sure my idea was produced to the highest creative quality. 


iStore supplies products and accessories for premium consumer electronics provider Apple. There are 22 iStores located across South Africa. I have run cross-platform campaigns for iStore to market Beats headphones. Beats helps to connect Apple’s music devices to music lovers, transporting listeners to a different world. 


The campaigns tapped into the very human and universal experience of listening to music, visually demonstrating the worlds into which one dives. Sometimes, simple ideas work the best.

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